D O L P H I N    E T H I C S

Angles of Resonance  (RepTile 001/1991)

1. Camel Riding to Cairo (5:41)
2. Brushstrokes in a Sea of White (5:45)
3. The Tongue of Secrets (5:58)
4. Angles of Resonance (5:32)
5. Kerkyra (6:10)
6. Tamboura (6:51)
7. RepTiles (5:20)
8. Subway Riders (6:13)


Stephan Thelen:

  guitars, samples, loops

Theo Jost:


Moritz Rüdisüli:

  bass guitar

Martin Gantenbein:

  drums, octapads

Recorded 1990 in Buchs, Switzerland.
Produced by Stephan Thelen and Martin Gantenbein.
All titles written by Stephan Thelen.
Bass guitar on "Tamboura" by Patricia Wyder, Tenor Sax on "Subway Riders" by Map.