Compositions (chamber music only)



new piece for piano and string quartet, written for Ulrich Koella and the Al Pari Quartet (in preparation)


Silesia for string quartet, written for the Al Pari Quartet
Russian Dolls for 2 marimbas (3 players), 2 vibraphones, organ and clarinet

2018 :

Chaconne for string quartet
Parallel Motion for 2 marimbas, 2 vibraphones and 2 percussionists
Metric Modulation for 2 marimbas, 2 vibraphones, 2 organs and 2 clarinets

2016 :

Circular Lines for string quartet, written for and comissioned by the Kronos Quartet


The Great Man for string trio and sampled voice


Chymisch for violin and sampled voice


Europa suite for strings, piano, drums, flute and 2 trombones
What Would I do without this World for soprano, piano (and organ)


World Dialogue for string quartet
Celan Songs Vol. 3


Celan Songs Vol. 2 for soprano and piano
Two James Joyce Songs for soprano and piano
Hum of the Hybrid for string orchestra and electric guitar
Lessness for string orchestra
String Geometry for string orchestra and percussion
Passion Play for string sextet
Für Ninon for soprano and piano


Celan Songs Vol. 1 for soprano and piano
5 Tessellations for piano solo
Two Preludes for piano solo


Broken Symmetry for piano