B R O K E  N    S Y M M E T R Y

Hidden Dimensions

(RepTile 014/2002)

1. Wormhole to Paradise (6:08)
2. My Mind is Going (12:41)
3. Lessness (5:07)
4. Shuffling to Bombay (8:30)
5. Frozen and Restless (5:41)
6. The Terminator (8:09)
7. Broken Symmetry (10:05)

Stephan Thelen:  guitar, samples, electronica
Tommi Meier:  bass clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophone
Florian Götte:  bass guitar
Adrian Wiss:  drums


Recorded by Walter Schmid on March 24th 2002 at Gamma Recording Studio near Turgi, Switzerland.
Edited and Mixed at the repTile reFuge in Zürich, Switzerland.
Mastered at Oakland Recording in Winterthur, Switzerland.