Stephan Thelen

Born May 12th 1959 in Santa Rosa, California, USA. He lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland as a musician, composer, producer and mathematician.

Education: Studies in classical guitar; Guitar Craft Seminars with Robert Fripp (founder and guitarist of King Crimson) during the 1990s; studied mathematics at the University of Zürich (PHD in 1990)

Musical activities: plays or played guitar and electronics in various bands and ensembles in and around Zürich that concentrate on music at the fringes of rock, jazz, experimental and classical music. (Sonar, Radio Osaka, License to Chill, Broken Symmetry and Root Down). Many CD Productions (No No Diet Bang, Peter Schärli Sextet, etc.). Many Theatre-, Dance- und Filmproductions.

Since 2004 he has been concentrating more and more on compositions for modern Classical Chamber Music and since 2010 on work with the minimal-progressive band Sonar.

Contact: mail "at"